Best Materials for Cafe Furniture

Best Materials for Cafe Furniture

Anyone looking for restaurant furniture should know that form and function are the two most important details that a hotel owner and a bar manager should consider. The hospitality furniture needs to be durable, functional as well as aesthetically appealing in line with the décor of the restaurant.

How your furniture looks are as crucial as how it measures up to durability and strength. For instance, your outdoor chairs should be able to withstand the abuse from staff and customers as well as the harsh Australian climate. In addition to that, they still need to look attractive to your customers.

Form and function depend on the type of material used to make them. Choice of materials also depends on the kind of use, i.e., outdoor or indoor use. For instance, bar tables made of aluminum is proper for both indoor and outdoor use. It is also a cost effective material as it matches with other elements; it is lightweight and corrosion resistant.

Wrought iron is excellent for outdoor banquette seating. Although it is more substantial than aluminum, it is an excellent choice for windy locations. Its heaviness makes it less ideal for indoor purposes because it is heavy to move around and can scratch floors.

Wicker tub chair styles from rattan, bamboo or cane are also common. The material is environmentally friendly and can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. To create a warmer ambiance, you can throw in some cushions and pillows.

The most popular choice is wood due to the variety of styles that can be manufactured from it. Another popular material is polypropylene because of its lightweight and stackable nature. It comes in any color and with additional protective UV stabilizers for the hot Australian climate.

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